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Flat roofing is Chicago’s choice for many commercial building owners and it is fast becoming more popular on other types of structures. While many people are opting for buildings with flat roofing in Chicago, water ponding is a common problem. To handle a water ponding problem on a flat roof, make sure you are dealing..

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It is most common to find flat roofing in Chicago on industrial and public buildings. A flat roof can offer many advantages. Here are a few benefits of flat roofing and some things about this roofing style that you may not have known before. Advantages of Flat Roofing in Chicago One of the biggest advantages..

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Each flat roof is carefully designed to provide a specific type of protection to the building and one of the materials commonly used for this is tar paper. If installed properly, it will retain its protective and waterproofing properties for many years to come. If not, what will happen is that the building will suffer..

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The roof is the culmination of a long and tedious process of building a structure, whether for residential or commercial purposes; which begins with a solid foundation and ends with a strong roof. However, the type of roofing that such infrastructure will use for years to come will largely depend on several factors. What kind..

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