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What is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is the process of restoring your roof into an almost-new condition using highly-engineered coating products. Just like traditional roofs, flat roofing also requires maintenance, replacement, and, at times, restoration. During these instances, your residential flat roof contractors would know what to do. They can bring your flat roof back to life and even make them look brand new. They can perform all these within reasonable rates. Our flat roofing contractors have wide knowledge and experience when it comes to roof restoration. To ensure the success of each project, we perform home visits for careful assessments. This way, we can determine what your flat roof precisely needs. Once you have given us the go signal, we get to work.

Residential And Commercial Asphalt Roofing in Chicago

Whether you need a residential or commercial asphalt roofing in Chicago, McKinley asphalt roofing provides several benefits to roofing professionals, residnetial building owners, business owners, and homeowners.

When Should
A Roof Restoration Be Done?

Roof restoration depends per home. This requires that your current roof is structurally sound and absent from leaks before our flat roof specialists can proceed with the work. Fixing a flat roof is easier when you have been diligent with your roof maintenance, which is done at least once a year.

Moreover, there are certain circumstances that call for urgent flat roof repair or flat roof replacement. This includes (1) When your roof is over 5 years old, (2) When your roof needs an upgrade before putting up for sale, (3) When you already have 2 layers of roofing done and wish to avoid expensive roofing tear-off, or (4) When your roof is regularly exposed to strong sunlight especially during summertime. If your roofing experiences any of these situations, call us immediately and we will have our flat roof specialists inspect your roofing.

When is the Best Time
to Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Even the most solid looking roofs can hide years of damages and other issues. Some minor flaws can be difficult to see by non-professionals, yet these can result in the biggest damages. This is the main reason you should hire reliable flat roof experts from your local area – so they can assess the structure of your roofing properly and advise the best solution. It is smart to have a regular roof inspection throughout the year, or wherever a big storm or any other harsh weather condition hits your home, specifically your roof.

Major storms can leave your roofing damaged beyond repair while small leaks can degrade your flat roof over time. Whichever the case may be, schedule for a roof inspection as soon as you can following the incident. The sooner you do this, the better the chances that your roof can still be repaired. Otherwise, it may be time for a flat roof replacement. A roof inspection should also be a part of your practice with a newly bought home.

Roof Restoration Process by McKinley Roof Repair & Roof Refinishing Specialist Chicago ROOF ASSESSMENT

During roof restoration, the first thing any flat roof contractor does is assess the condition of your roof and inspect the scope of the damage. Roof assessment is a crucial step as this will dictate the service your roofing will need. In our company, we perform an end-to-end walkthrough of the roof and scan every area for signs of damage or wear and tear. Our roof assessment process typically takes an hour or so, depending on the size of your roofing. All in all, roof assessment is done only one between 5 and 10 years, hence it is essential to be as thorough as possible.
The roof assessment is followed by a roof cleaning with the use of a high pressure hose. Doing so removes all the dirt, grime, dust, and debris that has accumulated on the surface of your roof over the years. At our company, we pay extra attention to the gutters and make sure that they are clear from dirt as well. During roof cleaning, we can better assess the condition of your roofing and get a clearer view of the damaged areas. Just like the roof assessment, roof cleaning is an important step in the roof restoration process, as this thoroughly cleans your roofing before the application of any chemical treatment or coating. We have a crew of flat roof specialists that can take care of your flat roof maintenance needs. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment.
Once we have properly assessed the damage points on your flat roof, we can apply the solution accordingly. One solution is flat roof repair. This is done when the damage can still be fixed without the need for a roof replacement. Substandard service can result in more frequent and costly repairs in the long run, so it is better to hire flat roof professionals to get the job done right the first time. At our company, we have a team of flat roof experts that take pride in their workmanship. They can work on your flat roof leak repair as needed, and patch up any flat roof leak within your budget. Once the damage is too big to salvage, it is due time for our roof replacement services.
Most flat roofing companies opt to add a protective coating on the roof once the repair work is done. This increases the roof’s durability and prolongs its quality so you can save on premature roofing repair or maintenance. Chemical coating and treatments come in various degrees of effectiveness and functionality. Feel free to consult with our flat roof experts so they can help you determine the best choice of coating for your residential or commercial flat roofing. Our chemical treatments feature waterproofing, thermal insulation, rust proofing, etc.
Once a viable solution has been applied, our residential flat roof contractors will conduct a final assessment of the work done. Once again, we will perform a walkthrough of your roof and inspect our work, whether we have covered all damaged areas or missed some. This final step is crucial in helping us determine if we executed the job well.
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Need roof restoration? Repair? Replacement? You may call our hotline and schedule an appointment with us. We will have our flat roof specialists visit your home and conduct a thorough roof inspection. Our services come in reasonable prices so rest assured they will meet your budget. We use high-quality tools, equipment, and materials to ensure the success of each roofing project we perform. Inquire with us today!