Commercial metal roofing used to be considered as lacking aesthetic appeal, while being a gaudy, non-traditional alternative to other, more mainstream options. Now, a metal roof installation is recognized for being of better quality with greater benefits. A sloped or metal flat roof is a roofing system designed using measured metal pieces, tiles, or panels. A metal roof, whether it is handled for sloped roofing or flat roofing in Chicago, is the outer layer of the roofing envelope that physically separates the inside of the structure and the outside to provide air, water, heat, and sound resistance. The metal roofing also enhances the structural support of the building while providing excellent curb appeal. Metal roofing, one of the most commonly chosen options for commercial buildings, which often feature flat roofing in Chicago. This roofing style consists of shingles or metal roofing panels that are secured to open framing or a solid substrate. When metal roof installation is handled properly by flat roof specialists in Chicago, the roof can provide decades of solid performance.



Copper Roofing – Very long-lasting with a softer feel and low melting temperature

Thought of as the grandfather of metal roofing, copper roofing has spanned the globe for centuries. Copper is an extremely durable metal material that is corrosion-resistant, and under ideal conditions, can last for over 200 years. This is a nice green option, as copper metal roofing is 100% recyclable.

Aluminum Roofing – Designed to last and is resistant to saltwater corrosion

An aluminum roof is often recommended in coastal climates. This is primarily due to aluminum’s resistance to salt corrosion as compared to other varieties of metal roofing. It is commonly perceived that aluminum is not affected by corrosion, but in reality, this metal roofing is a very active substance that almost instantly reacts to environmental conditions.


Zinc Roofing – Extremely long-lasting with corrosion resistance and the lowest melting point temperature

Zinc is an incredible type of metal roofing that can make use of its own patina to effectively heal any scratches over time, while it remains strong with a life expectancy of over 100 years. Zinc’s natural properties make it a great choice for commercial metal roofing as it is very malleable so it can be manipulated into all kinds of interesting shapes. Although zinc tends to chalk over time, which is not an appealing look, it is fairly easy to clean and control to a certain extent.

Steel Roofing – This metal roofing has three variations: galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel

Steel is not a standalone metal as it is an alloy that is produced from iron and other elements. Used for all kinds of construction and everyday products, steel is often one of the most commonly found materials on commercial construction sites and even in residential buildings. Steel production can be a very labor and energy-intensive process as compared to other metals, like zinc, but it is highly recyclable so much of the steel used today is likely not new material. In fact, there is no material in the world that is recycled more than steel, so it is a very eco-friendly metal roofing solution.



There are several reasons why you should choose metal roofing rather than other roofing solutions like asphalt shingles, tiles, or even concrete. But to determine if a metal roof installation is right for you, consider the biggest reasons why people choose this option:

Metal roofing is specifically designed to have a lifespan that endures for decades longer than other roofing solutions. Many people ultimately choose metal roofing because it will never have to be replaced again, whether it’s for a home or a business. Depending on the kind of metal material in the metal roofing, it should last for over 80 years without any concerns about degrading or corrosion.

Compared to other materials for sloped or flat roofing in Chicago, such as wood, concrete, asphalt, or shingles, metal roofing stands apart as the most durable option. A proper metal roof installation can allow the roof to withstand strong winds, blowing debris, heavy rain, mounds of snow, large hail, mold, mildew, and animals. Plus, metal roofing materials are usually Class-A fire-rated and non-combustible, making this roofing system fire-resistant to the highest grade possible. Its strength and durability make metal roofing in Chicago a very prevalent roofing solution for commercial and residential properties alike.

Easy Maintenance
There is very little maintenance required for metal roofing and it generally does not need a flat roof repair in Chicago, especially when properly installed. Ordinarily, all that is needed is to check for stuck leaves, branches, or other debris, both on the roof and in the gutters twice a year and following a heavy storm. If you find that dirt or stains are not removed by rain, there are cleaning solutions that can take care of the problem to keep your metal roofing in top form. Also, keep in mind that a concealed fastener roof system will generally require less maintenance than an exposed fastener metal roofing system.

Metal roofing is eco-friendly for a few reasons. Most metals are easily recyclable, so any roofing parts that tear away, have aged themselves out, or even excess scraps from the manufacturing process can be recycled for use on future products, whether that’s roofing or anything else. Some metal roofing materials, like aluminum, may already come from recycled metal, as nearly 95% of all aluminum roofing is recycled from a previously used product.