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Everything You Should Know About Asphalt Roofing

Commonly used today, asphalt roofing is recognized as one of the oldest and most durable materials. It is utilized in commercial asphalt roofing by flat roof specialists Chicago, and in asphalt shingle roofing as a multi-layered waterproofing membrane. This offers the long-lasting protection that homeowners and business owners expect from their asphalt roofing system. An asphalt shingle roof is not made entirely of asphalt. Instead, this roofing system consists of either a fiberglass underlayment or a felt paper base coated with a waterproofing layer of asphalt topped with ceramic granules to complete the roof. Asphalt roofing is produced as either three-tab shingles or architectural shingles. The three-tab shingle variety is designed to appear as three shingles but it is actually a single piece. An asphalt shingle roof is easy to install, economical, and highly popular. Architectural shingles are manufactured using an additional layer of asphalt. This offers a wide dimension and enables the material to look similar to bulkier roofing products, including wood or slate. Both asphalt shingle roof designs have a large selection of color options to suit any preference.

Residential And Commercial Asphalt Roofing in Chicago

Whether you need a residential or commercial asphalt roofing in Chicago, McKinley asphalt roofing provides several benefits to roofing professionals, residnetial building owners, business owners, and homeowners.

Benefits of Residential Asphalt Roofing

When selecting a residential roofing system, the asphalt shingle roof can always raise the B.A.R., providing a Beautiful, Affordable, and Reliable roofing system suitable for any home. Sure, asphalt roofing offers many styles, textures, and colors to suit any preference, but an asphalt shingle roof is also affordable, durable, and simple to maintain. Some varieties of asphalt roofing are made to resemble tile, wood, cedar shakes or slate, while also providing additional benefits above and beyond what these other roofing systems can. Neither metal nor concrete tiles can equal asphalt roofing in terms of style, durability, and longevity. An asphalt shingle roof installation is much easier and requires less general maintenance than metal or concrete roofing systems.

Benefits of Commercial Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing manufacturers across Chicago are constantly creating better and more versatile roofing systems for architects, builders, contractors, roofing consultants, and building owners/managers. The addition of special polymers that add malleability and strength, so you can now have an asphalt roof replacement in Chicago on your commercial, low-slope roof however it works best for you. Your asphalt roofing installation in Chicago can be done hot, cold, with a torch or self-adhered, to meet the needs of your low-slope roofing project. Today roofers in Chicago use asphalt roofing products that are beautiful, affordable, durable, and are trusted to provide exceptional performance through extreme weather conditions. Systems for flat roofing in Chicago, like Built-Up Roofing or Modified Bitumen, are the most cost-effective solutions for commercial roofing, as they maximize space to accommodate outdoor areas for recreation or gardens. They provide multilayer protection for asphalt roofing in Chicago with easy maintenance, excellent availability, and affordability.

Asphalt Roofing Installation Chicago

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