When is it Time for a Flat Roof Repair?

If you feel like you might have a flat roofing problem that needs attention, you’re in the right place. Let’s look at when the right time might be for you to get a flat roof repair and how a new rubber roof repair can help.
The issues with your flat roofing may go beyond the scope of this DIY guide for flat roof repair. If that is the case, then you should call the flat roofers at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists for a thorough inspection and the right advice.
Over the years, we have seen many surprises that arise when dealing with flat roofing and rubberized roof coverings. When you are not sure how to handle your roof, it is vital that you call the professionals in flat roofing for a repair or a flat roof replacement. Trying to solve your flat roofing issue during a DIY project can lead to major complications that are completely avoidable with a flat roof expert.
A problem can become so complex that it stretches beyond the capabilities of Most DIY-goers, and even some professional roofers who do not have the right experience with flat roofing. That’s why we recommend that the complicated issues are handled by the experts in rubber flat roofing so that it is handled the right way.

Finding a Leak in Your Flat Roofing

A leak may be contained to a certain spot on your flat roofing, it may still lead to more frustrations that you might have with a sloped and shingled roof. You may find puddling on your flat roof but you might not notice a leak right away as water that penetrates the membrane will continue to move until it reaches a gap in the sub-roof or sheeting.

Follow these steps to find the source of the leak if it is not obvious upon your flat roof inspection:
1. Measure the distance on the inside between the two closest walls to the leak.
2. To find the leak from your rooftop, use a measuring tape based on the measurements you took below.
3. Most flat roofing has a slight slope to ensure some runoff, so check the slopes as the water flows to see if you can find a point of entry.
4. Contact a McKinley Flat Roof Specialists for your flat roof repair if you are having difficulties locating the leak.

Caution: The use of ladders and heights can be hazardous without the proper safety equipment. If climbing to the roof from the inside is not an option, carefully use a ladder that can be angled to safely support your weight and remain steady. A flat roof full of snow requires extra care, so a call to professional flat roofers would be beneficial.

Minor Flat Roof Repair

You may have a flat roof problem for five to 20 years without even realizing it. If you need flat roof repair for the long term, a professional will serve you best and save you money over time. Calling in the roofing contractors like McKinley Flat Roof Specialists will give you the confidence and the peace of mind in knowing the flat roof repair is handled properly and safely to stop the damage from spreading.

McKinley Flat Roof Specialists is always ready to help with any type of flat roof repair or flat roof replacement.