Modern Roof Design Ideas for 2022

It is important to be aware of the 2022 top-rated modern roof designs and more so if you are constructing your ideal home, redoing your current house, or busy with fixer-uppers for selling. These trending modern designs will help you design a building exterior that is eye-catching and spot-on to reflect the perfection you are creating on the inside. Let’s look at some different types of modern roofs to inspire your design.

The flat roofing Chicago resident love is no longer just for commercial buildings and this design really optimizes the modern home look. The clean lines and bold square shape offer a modern appeal to houses using this design. It looks marvelous and is effective, less expensive, and eco-friendly. A built to function flat roof can add space for a patio and a roof garden to provide a private heavenly retreat. There are many options our flat roofers Chicago team can offer you.

A sloping roof cuts the roofline with a sharp angle creating a dramatic contrast and a pleasing look. You can add a sharp cutoff between planes or a more rounded edge. No matter the edge the steep slop enables debris, snow, and rain to freely flow off the edges to prevent damage and water leaks. The slop also works well for solar panel installations.

Add some flair to the slope and select a butterfly design. This design combines two to four sloping panes that dramatically sweep upwards. The beauty of this design is that it allows you to choose between TPO, shingles, or metal as your roofing material of choice. This means that you can be as budget-friendly and eco-friendly as you want to be.

A modern metal roof provides a sophisticated option with clean lines that are always in fashion. A big part of the appeal of a metal roof is its durability as they are designed to last 50 or more years. You have a wide array of options to choose from including colors, styles, and material options. You can mix and match to find the look that is perfect for your house and style. Make the exterior of our home the talk of the town for decades to come. For a bolder statement, you can select white metal roofing materials for maximum contrast to stand out from the rest.

The rustic roofing design is ideal for when you battle to choose between a chic farmhouse design or a more modern design. The great thing about a rustic design is that the design becomes more pronounced, lending a well-aged more authentically rustic look throughout the years. Achieve your look with cedar shakes, terracotta tiles, metal panels in natural tones with barn doors, stone facades, and distressed wood planks.

Need a Modern Roof Design for Your Home?
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