Even if you ensure recurring care and maintenance of your commercial roof, leaks may still develop as the structure deteriorates in Chicago’s harsh weather conditions. To aid in prevention of these leaks, it is helpful to understand the common issues contributing towards the problem so that you can properly fix the leaks and prevent further damage. Our company has unrivaled experience in Chicago of commercial flat roofing services. Our highly trained flat roof specialists can aid in determining a variety of roofing issues with ease. We are eager to share our experience so that you can use our knowledge to prevent damage from regular wear and tear, and withstand our harsh weather.


The nature of having a flat roof for your commercial property unfortunately invites areas of standing water. Standing water will create chances of roof leaks when left undetected and unattended, as the water places additional stress and weight on the roof. Ensuring proper drainage will prevent water from pooling on your flat roof and save you grief in the future. If you notice moisture stains on your ceilings or walls, call trusted flat roof contractors as soon as you can. Fixing and preventing the stagnant water problem will be their priority.

One of the most frequent causes of leaking commercial roofs is poor sealing technique. Your roof works as the epicenter for all major components that your business relies on such as HVAC units, plumbing, vents and utility lines. If your roof is not properly sealed, you are not protected from the elements and invite significant damage over time. Scheduling regular roof maintenance and inspections will ensure this kind of damage is avoided or minimized.

Your roof’s membrane is designed to prevent water intrusion into the building by sealing off the roof. Over time the membrane can weaken or become damaged, reducing its effectiveness. Harsh sunlight, brutal weather and excess water buildup are the leading causes of membrane cracks, splits or shrinking. This damage can be prevented by ensuring regular commercial roof inspections and maintenance, and if necessary, repair.

As with any building component, your roof will become weaker over time with the full force of weather and sun beating down on it. A commercial flat roof will typically last approximately 15 to 20 years before requiring a flat roof repair or replacement. Keeping regular maintenance logs will aid your commercial flat roofers to determine the roof’s quality and help give you the best recommendations. Our highly trained flat roofing specialists have over three decades of experience serving the Chicago area. We provide high quality commercial roof replacements and repairs, and are looking forward to working with you and providing a free assessment of your commercial roof.