If you have a flat roof on your commercial or residential structure, keeping it in top condition should be a priority of any property owner. While keeping the roof in good condition is key, you should be aware of some common mistakes that should always be avoided.

Even someone with roofing experience can make mistakes or wrong decisions that can lead to roof damage. No one wants to deal with expensive emergency repairs or even an early flat roof replacement Chicago. In order to properly maintain your flat roof, consider these common items and learn from other’s mistakes:

Ignoring leaks
Preventing moisture intrusion is one of the number one jobs flat roofers face. Even the smallest of leaks can cause large destruction to your roof. Water seepage is a significant problem that cannot be ignored, and if left without repair or prevention you may face significant and expensive solutions in the future.

Failure to Schedule Inspections
While often neglected, property owners should always have regular roof inspections. As such, you will know the general condition and have an early warning of any problems. If performed regularly, you can keep up with small repairs to avoid big expenses down the line. We recommend seeking a flat roof specialist Chicago property owners trust for a twice-a-year roof inspection. In addition, closely monitor your roof when the weather turns adverse. This rule also applies to new roofs so that you can uncover any undetected issues, and so that any warranty claims can be honored.

Not Enough Insulation
Proper insulation not only provides for an energy efficient structure and cheaper power bills, it also aids in proper roof functionality. The insulation under your roof allows for excess heat to escape. Without this action, your roof will more rapidly deteriorate.

Schedule a roof inspection with us today
To get ahead of any future roofing problems, contact the professionals at our company in Chicago to schedule an inspection. We will perform a full assessment of your roof to give you the piece of mind you need. If our team were to find any potential problems, we can identify the correct action to address the roofing concerns in the most effective manner. Whether you need a simple repair or a full roof replacement, we are here to help. Contact us today!