A Metal Roof Makes for The Best Summer Roof

Summer normally evokes memories of the hot summer days from when we were young. Most of us can still feel the sting of running barefoot across a stretch of asphalt that has been baking in the sun. That driveway felt like a very long way back then.
The sun is still hot and asphalt is still asphalt and it still reacts the same way to heat.

The type and look of the asphalt in our driveways might have changed over the years but as it is exposed to heat it still gets hot and still transfers the heat very effectively. The sun is hard on asphalt roof shingles and constant exposure bleaches it and the temperature fluctuations wear it out. Often these asphalt shingles split and crack open.

The average temperature has been rising and the asphalt shingles on your roof have been baking like never before. These shingles transfer heat into your attic and the heat then enters the rest of your home. You might find that as a result you are running the air conditioning more regularly and for longer in the day to maintain the comfort level in your home.

Adding more attic ventilation will not help much either as asphalt by its very nature will resonate heat into your home. This makes an asphalt shingle roof a poor choice for a hot summer roof.

What is the difference with a metal roof?
Let’s take a look at how a metal roof compares to asphalt roof shingles when it comes to performance in the heat. Metal gets hot, as you would think baking in the sun. Metal absorbs heat very well as we found it when on the playground slides as children.
The main difference in how the heat is handled and this is due to the finish. Every metal roofing solution manufactured by top flat roofing companies like us, has a specialized coating that enables the metal roof to reflect the heat instead of absorbing it. Layers of primer and paint over the metal substrate forms this coating.

Asphalt on the other hand does not accommodate this layer of protection and with prolonged exposure to the sun will start to lose its color and break down. This is not ideal for your flat roofing material.

The special coating on your metal roof will last more than 50 years and adding a few extra layers will make it last even longer. The different coating determines how effectively the roof reflects the heat. Light colored coatings reflect more heat than darker colors. The more heat that is reflected the more the heating effect of the sun is directed away.

Additional Heat Reduction and Energy Savings from a Metal Roof
The flat roof specialists at Classic Metal Roofing solutions combat convective heat with adequate attic ventilation and integral airspace to limit it. This combined solution can have a dramatically reducing effect on the temperature in your home. Some homeowners have reported a 20% reduction in their energy bills, like this owner in Arizona!

The savings you can accumulate can run into hundreds of dollars a year just by selecting the correct roof type. By keeping the temperature in your home low, you do not need to run your air conditioner for long periods and this has been found to extend their lifespan.

Prepare yourself with the best summer roof?
Install a metal roof this summer to cool down your home and save on expenses this summer. It beats trying to combat the heat with an asphalt roof.
Connect with our flat roof specialists today so we can help you find the right roof for your home.