What Time of the Year is Best to Install a New Flat Roof?

Replacing your flat roofing material requires a lot of planning. When deciding on the installation of your new roof you need to consider factors such as your financial situation, and availability. Another factor that most people do not think of right away is the timing of when the installation will commence. This will depend on when you need it and the best time to do it.

The installation process is majorly affected by the season it is to take place in. This is a big factor unless of course you live somewhere with no seasons. The roof installation job can be done at any time if the need is big enough. Each season however has its own disadvantages and advantages to doing this job.
There are different things you can expect throughout the year for the installation of industrial flat roofing.

It is easy to understand why many people prefer fall as their favorite season. Schools open, the heat of summer subsides, and the leaves turn different hues of orange and brown. It is the perfect season for camping and spending time outdoors. It is also a great season to get your flat roof specialists install your new flat roof.

The cooler weather is perfect for roof installations. The workers do not have to spend the whole day in the summer sun which can be very hot and uncomfortable. The very hot weather can also have an affect on how the materials adhere during the installation process. Finding the exactly right temperature between too hot and too cold is vital during a roof installation.

Having one of the top flat roofing companies install your new roof just prior to winter is the most opportune time as having a new roof in a snowy area is ideal. A new flat roof will offer perfect protection against the elements. The proper barrier is required to handle quickly building snow levels.
In addition, a new roof also regulates the temperature in your building than older roofs. This is very important especially in the bitter cold of winter. The down side of this season is that many people want to use the ideal temperature to their advantage and you might have to get in line for your new roof.

Your first walk outside without a coat or jacket is a great feeling of freedom after the long winter months. The birds sing and the snow melts and it is the ideal time to review your property. The condition of the industrial roof on your building needs to be a major consideration. Spring is the second-best time of the year for a roof installation as luckily it has similar temperatures to the Fall.

The sun is not at its pinnacle yet and although the cold has dissipated the harshness of winter can cause wear and tear damage. As the ice and snow melts often, this damage comes to light like potholes. The milder weather during Spring lets flat roofers work comfortably and efficiently during the installation process. It is important to complete the installation of the roof before the weather becomes too hot and your building loses energy efficiency.

The only downside of doing roof work in Spring is the amount of rain during this period. All roofing activities have to stop in the rain and this can extend the construction time by a lot. Spring is a good time to start a roofing project and if you can get it done between rain bursts you will be blessed with great warm weather to work in.

Summer means camping trips, swimming and barbecues to most people. Very few think of replacing their flat roof. Replacing your roof might not be the first thing that comes to mind and might not compare to a beach holiday, but it can still be done. There is no denying that it is hot in summer and depending on where you live it can be a real scorcher some days.

The beauty of working in summer is that it has consistent weather with only occasional rain storms. The season is dry overall, which is good as rain halts all roof work immediately. The consistency of the summer weather makes it easier to fit in a flat roof installation into the schedule of the professionals. Dealing with the heat on the roof during the installation will be a challenge for the crews to overcome.

The suitability for winter in terms of flat roof installation requirements depends entirely on where your building is. If your building is in a region where it reaches very low temperatures close to freezing point then perhaps winter is not ideal for a new roof. Having a building with no roof in these temperatures would be a disaster waiting to happen. If you add snow and ice to the scenario the situation rapidly deteriorates even further. Most people do not book a roof installation during winter meaning that roofers are readily available for your project without the normal waiting period. You can be first in line immediately.

It doesn’t really matter where in the year it is, you will be able to have a new industrial flat roof installation done, especially if it is an emergency. With each season comes a different set of challenges and advantages and it is important to weigh these up in your decision. The urgency of the work, your expectations and requirements for the installation also needs to be added to the equation to make the decision best suited to you.
We are happy to give you advice and assistance in deciding the best time to start your roofing services so feel free to contact us.