Should You Repair or Replace the Roof Of Your Building? We Can Provide the Answer with an Infrared Roof Moisture Inspection

There are many possible catastrophes that can result due to roof damage as most property owners know. The difficult part is knowing how to spot the signs of a leaking roof that needs to be repaired or replaced and may be a flat roof repair service. To assist you in deciding the best right course of action for your roof that could save you a lot of money an infrared (IR) roof moisture scan is the way to go. We will review how this technology works, what it is, and why it is your best option for a roof scan on your building.

What is an Infrared Roof Moisture Inspection?
This technology will scan your entire roof and mark all anomalies to probe for confirmation of moisture below the waterproofing membrane. An Infrared roof moisture inspection offers a roof scan using thermal imaging technology to show temperature differentials of the insulation and the membrane.

What Does it Inspect?
This IR scan detects differences in temperature that shows the areas where your roof contains moisture or wet insulation. The differences in the heat signature of your roof are due to leaks and moisture. Rainwater that falls on the roof soaks through any punctures or leaks in the membrane and into your building material below. These soaked areas retain heat better after the sun goes down and radiates heat for longer periods of time as the waterproofing becomes ambient. The dry areas of your roof will appear a lot cooler than those areas that have wet building insulation below the membrane.

How Does AN IR Reveal the Need to Repair Vs. Replacement
With just a visual inspection you will find it a challenge to determine if your roof is leaking at all or to tell the degree to which it’s leaking or the rate at which water is seeping into your building. A major advantage of an IR moisture scan is that it will indicate the exact situation of the damage to your roof. It will of course indicate all moisture that is present and the wet insulation in the roofing assembly. This information can be used to determine if it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace your roof even for flat roof specialists.

The Risks of Neglecting Regular Roof Inspections
The news of a roof leak and building moisture causing damage to the roof is not the kind of news that a building owner wants to hear. The good news is however that finding out about a leak sooner than later can help you take action quickly and thereby give you the opportunity for the most money saving solution.

If left undiscovered water that has leaked through the membrane and soaked the construction materials can cause major damage to the inside of your building. This can even lead to loss of property, damage to equipment and even personal injury. Regular inspections are very necessary to detect any leaks early on. The most cost-effective and simple way to avoid the inconvenience and possibility of having to repair or replace your roof later on, is to get an IR roof moisture survey done. It will quickly show if it will be more economically feasible to repair or replace the roof of your building.

Includes in the benefits of infrared imaging:
The Diagnostic Infrared Moisture Survey of the roof can be done as a part of the building envelope commissioning process.
This will greatly assist in creating a better understanding of any issues that may be affecting the building envelope and determine the reasons underlying any potential air and water leaks.

The results will locate areas where the insulation of roofs being used is wet and the location of where the water is entering through the membrane. The results will also indicate areas with less-than-optimal thermal efficiency. Having an overview of all the leaks present and the extent of the wet areas combined with how old the roof is will give a lot of input in deciding to repair or replace the roof.

Quality Assurance Checks
An IR roof moisture survey should be conducted straight after the completion of an installation to ensure the quality of the workmanship and also 9-12 months thereafter to detect any defects. It is also recommended to book an IR roof moisture survey just before the manufacturer and contractor warranty expires so any issues can be dealt with under the warranties.

As part of Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspections
Always do an IR roof moisture survey before any roof restoration, re-roofing with overlaying or roof sealing and painting to identify leaks to be repaired and wet insulation areas to be replaced.

We can do an Infrared moisture inspection or survey for your commercial or residential buildings. Our inspection includes the roof and the whole building. We also cater for flat roofing. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate. Our team is always ready to assist.