How Wintery Weather Can Lead to Flat Roof Repair in Chicago

Flat roofing is commonly found on modern buildings as this style of roofing is growing in popularity. Many, however, share some concerns over building a home with a flat roof, as it may require more care and maintenance than the usual sloped roof, especially during the fall and winter months. While It’s true that snow does not slide off a flat roof without intervention, unlike a pitched roof, it doesn’t necessarily require you to shovel every time it snows. Here’s what the flat roof specialists in Chicago suggest:

Preparing for Winter to Avoid a Flat Roof Leak Repair in Chicago
While a snowy winter may pose more of a problem for a flat roof on older or wooden homes, as new houses are designed to accommodate heavier snow loads, it’s still best to prepare your roof. For your peace of mind, you can prepare your flat roof for winter before the season arrives.

It is usually best to have a roof inspection during the fall to determine the condition of your roof, especially at the joints. If you have this done by professional flat roof specialists in Chicago, they will know exactly what to look for, where the average homeowner may miss important details.
To clear gutters and downspouts, remove any leaves, branches, or other debris. Even debris that may not prevent the flow of water could delay thawing and drainage within the pipes.
If you want to remove excess snow from a flat roof that’s finished with tar paper or gravel after a snowfall, it is prudent to lay down boards or thick building foil prior to the snow’s arrival. This will prevent damage to your roof from the shovel and the need for roof repair in Chicago. A shovel can be used if the snow is light and fluffy, as compacted snow and ice is very heavy, leading you to dig deeper with your shovel to remove the snow, which can damage your roof.
Try to avoid breaking up any hard snow and ice packs so you don’t have to call for roof repair from Chicago flat roofing specialists. And remember that you should take care to place the removed snow away from any pedestrian pathways or garden areas to avoid injury or unintended damage to your property. A property owner is responsible for damage or injuries for failure to remove snow from the roof, including those resulting from falling snow.

Flat roofing is an attractive home design option, and it is functional. This style of roof can create more internal space without the added slopes and edges that create unusable corners on the top floor of a home. With today’s roofing standards and technologies in place, you can feel confident in a modern home design that features flat roofing. Ask the flat roof specialists in Chicago about easily removing snow and ensuring an efficient flow of water of your structure.