Standing Water on Your Flat Roof? Find Out Why

Flat roofing is Chicago’s choice for many commercial building owners and it is fast becoming more popular on other types of structures. While many people are opting for buildings with flat roofing in Chicago, water ponding is a common problem. To handle a water ponding problem on a flat roof, make sure you are dealing with professional flat roofers in Chicago who can fix it properly.

What is water ponding on a flat roof?
Unlike sloped roofing that sheds water easily, puddles can form on a flat roof due to drainage problems. Typically, puddled water can remain on a flat roof for over 48 hours rather than running off it. This is a big problem for a flat roof. You should quickly call in a professional for flat roof repair in Chicago and solve the issue right away. Procrastinating on the matter can cost you much more over time, as backed-up water can create major problems.

Why does flat roofing have puddles?
Water is the enemy of any roof. Even just a little puddling can lead to serious issues. A flat roof is not necessarily completely flat. A flat roof replacement should be done on a perfect pitch, allowing water to drain effectively. A clogged drain leaves a flat roof prone to water ponding. The right roof installation is very important in these instances.

What are the effects of floodwaters on your roof?
Flooded water can cause major damage to both the surface of your roof and the structure. Roofing materials can erode when exposed to standing water for prolonged periods, and this can lead to roofing failure. In these cases, a flat roof repair may not be enough to help as flat roofers may have to deal with mosses and lichens growing on the surface, causing further damage. And water attracts pests and animals. This may be the moment for a flat roof replacement in Chicago.

You can commonly find leaks when you have water ponding on your flat roof. When the depth of the water is more than the roof can hold, the water penetrates the structure. You need professional flat roofers in Chicago to restore your roof. It is always better to trust the experts, so don’t attempt these kinds of repairs on your own.