Flat roof repair – asphalt roof insulation

Each flat roof is carefully designed to provide a specific type of protection to the building and one of the materials commonly used for this is tar paper. If installed properly, it will retain its protective and waterproofing properties for many years to come. If not, what will happen is that the building will suffer from dampness and pooling problems in the future.

Repairing a flat roof in practice
If you wonder what flat roofing will look like in the end, that will depend a lot on the investment grade it is given. This is where the following should be highlighted. Sometimes investors make the serious mistake of reducing costs in flat roofing at the time of its construction, maintenance or repair; And while new buildings do not require roof tightness inspections for a long time, buildings that were built many years ago do. In those cases, it is recommended not to perform any short-term flat roof repair procedures or patches, as they can be very expensive and ineffective if performed poorly.

The crux of the matter – a tight roof for years
Sometimes we think that a little leak can’t wreak havoc on our infrastructure, but actually, it DOES. If water or moisture penetrates inside the structure, what will happen is that over time, the roof will not only show deterioration, but also the structure that supports it to the point of requiring very expensive repair work. Therefore, if you detect any abnormalities, call your contractor immediately. Besides, it is also important that you keep performing regular inspections and services so that your roof remains in optimal condition and that problem is avoided.

Is it worth it?
If you are looking for your flat roof to have waterproofing capacity and without the need to use bitumen, the liquid membrane is your best bet. This is a seamless mass that perfectly protects the substrate from moisture. It also has crack-covering capabilities, resistant to the harshest weather, and is very flexible.

Where to start?
One of the most important aspects when performing repairs to roofs with felt technology is the diagnosis and detection of anomalies, this is because most of the time, leaks can occur as a result of the opening of the roof felt at the joints. Another reason for this is to see if the roofing paper is badly welded or cut incorrectly. After marking these anomalies, you can proceed to carry out the corrective measures.