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    We at McKinley, understand the attention and precision flat roofs require. We cater to any commercial or residential roofing that needs our expertise when it comes to flat roof replacements and flat roof repairs in Crystal Lake. We render flat roof maintenance and also look into roof damages to provide the best long-term solution for your flat roof. We hire only the best flat roof contractors near me to ensure quality and sustainable roofing. We can also assist you with your insurance claims with your repair needs should this affect your home or business. You can trust our commercial roofers near Crystal Lake to work with your insurance claims adjuster to make everything swift for you. This will give you the best flat roof replacement or repair you need, following an accident or a natural calamity. For simple flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake, you can rely on our commercial roofing near me in Crystal Lake, IL specialists to assist you with your flat roof needs for your home or business. Whether you need an urgent flat roof leak repair or a simple flat roof installation in Crystal Lake, you can contact us at McKinley anytime.
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    Our Commercial Roofing Services

    Expert Flat Roofing Services by McKinley
    Leading Crystal Lake Commercial Roofing Company

    As one of the greatest flat roofing companies near Crystal Lake, McKinley is proud to offer a range of roofing services to both commercial and residential property owners. We boast many years of invaluable experience, allowing us to do flat roof work that is second to none, making us trust flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake. Our roofing services are available across Crystal Lake, providing expert advice and trusted work. As flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake, we can offer inspections, repairs, installations, or replacements for any type of flat roof, all done professionally and efficiently.

    Flat Roof Repair

    For simple flat roof repair near me, our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake work professionally and swiftly to deliver what you need in the fastest time possible.

    Flat Roof Replacement

    If you need a flat roof replacement near me service in Crystal Lake, then you can trust McKinley Flat Roof Specialists can do the job for you, whether for your residential or commercial roof.

    Roof Installation

    Our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake take pride in years of experience in the field. You can rest assured we can take care of your roof at all costs.

    Flat Roof Leak

    For signs of leaking, get in touch with our flat roofing specialists in Crystal Lake. They will take care of your flat roof repairs for your peace of mind.

    Roof Maintenance

    For your maintenance needs, you can trust our flat roof contractors from McKinley Flat Roof Specialists to do swift and professional services to extend the life of your roof.

    Residential Flat Roofs

    Our flat roofing company in Crystal Lake takes pride in handling any kind of repairs and other services related to flat roofs for your satisfaction.

    Roof Inspections

    Our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake offer roof inspection services to keep your roof secure and sturdy despite long periods of use or extreme weather.

    Temporary Roof Repair

    As experts in the field of roofing, we use drones in our high-end inspections in search of water leaks. Regardless of a small leak, these drones and their infrared inspection capabilities make a difference. If you need a repair, we will take care of it!

    Public Adjuster Services

    Our public adjusters specialize in working with commercial roofing contractors near me in Crystal Lake. Our goal is to ensure that every business owner has access to a durable and long-lasting roofing system. We focus on assessing damages and managing claims specifically for commercial flat roofs.

    Our Advise

    McKinley's Decision-Making Guide
    Flat Roof Repair Near Crystal Lake or Time for a Replacement?

    We at McKinley focus on providing the best roofing solutions for your flat roof whether for commercial or residential use. Our commercial roofers near me carefully assess the damage to provide the best solution, whether for a repair or replacement. We understand that getting a flat roof repair or replacement poses a lot of concerns, thus we value transparency with clients. We will sit down with you to explain the process in detail. This will let you explore your options and help you make the right decision. We also offer a free estimate to help you get started. We at McKinley work hard to provide swift solutions for your roofing needs. Whether you need a flat roof installation or a flat roof leak repair, you can trust our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake to do the job.

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    Dive Into Flat Roofing Solutions on Commercial Buildings


    Stressed that you can’t get flat roofers ASAP? Tired of that paperwork that takes a long time? Well, forget about that, as McKinley Flat Roof Specialists have created something special for you. We present to you the ENHANCIFY Financing Program, an online form that will significantly simplify the times and the amount of paperwork processing so that you can receive the necessary assistance from our experts. Just enter your merchant number and plan number and from now on, you can rest easy!

    Common Flat Roof Damages

    What Can Happen To Your Flat Roof?

    Flat roofs require more maintenance than standard roofing types. Regardless if you have a commercial building or a residential home, flat roofs require more care and attention. At times when your flat roof gets damaged from either safety or natural causes, you can do a temporary roof repair, but it is imperative to have a flat roof repair as soon as possible for the safety of everyone. The difficult part is figuring out whether you need a flat roof replacement or a simple flat roof repair in Crystal Lake. So we at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists listed the top 6 common problems you can encounter with flat roofs and the best ways to address them one by one.

    Whether you need a flat roof replacement or flat roof repair in Crystal Lake, you know to call McKinley Flat Roof Specialist, one of the greatest flat roofing companies in Crystal Lake. We know to give you our best expert opinion following a careful inspection of your flat roof. You can trust our professional flat roofing contractors to get the job done as swiftly as possible.

    Flat Roofing Maintenance

    How to Make Your Commercial Flat Roofing Last For Decades?

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    Common Commercial Roofing Solutions

    Metal Roofing

    For many years, metal roofing has been a commercial roofing preference in Crystal Lake. Although generally commercial metal roofs are made of galvanized steel, sometimes materials such as tin or aluminum are used. Metal roofing is a reasonably lightweight material, making it an ideal option for flat roof replacement on top of an existing roof. Once the commercial roof has been installed, it is possible for flat roof specialists to apply a waterproof coating along with UV and rust protection.

    Asphalt Roofing

    Asphalt roofing has been quite a common option based on its functionality as well as its durability. Often, asphalt roofing is used in Crystal Lake for flat roof replacement as well as low-slope structures. Asphalt roofing is made up of multiple layers that include a weather-proof layer, a minimum of one reinforcement layer, as well as a protective surface coat. 

    Flat Roofing - Repair or Replacement

    Emergency Commercial Roofing Crystal Lake Services 24/7 - McKinley's Advise

    Providing the best solution for any flat roof damage is a big decision. You want to make sure you know exactly what you need, whether a flat roof repair or a flat roof replacement. The smartest move would be to approach expert flat roof contractors in Crystal Lake who can properly inspect your flat roof, and provide the fix you need. Before you proceed, here is what you need to know about flat roof repairs and replacements.

    Emergency Services
    Flat Roof Repair
    Flat Roof Replacement

    Emergency Services

    Our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake respond to calls swiftly. You can expect your roof concerns to be dealt with under the fastest time possible, notwithstanding excellence and quality. We even provide temporary roof repair for your peace of mind. For precise work, we perform a thorough inspection of your flat roof to determine the best solution you need. We address issues like water penetration with our strong preventive measures. We seal every inch of your flat roof to make sure no drop of water seeps through. Fixing a flat roof in Crystal Lake is an easy feat for our flat roof specialists, given their years of experience in the industry.

    Flat Roof Repair

    Once we have verified the need for a flat roof repair, we will discuss the repair process with you for your knowledge. This would include the steps to do, and the expenses necessary to cover the repair needs. This could involve shingles removal. For more extreme measures such as roof replacement, we may do a partial re-roofing. This is easier to execute and also costs less. This is more practical than replacing the entire roof.

    Flat Roof Replacement

    For a flat roof replacement, our flat roof specialists can help you every step of the way. A roof replacement is mostly applicable for old homes where a simple repair is no longer an option. This often means removing more than one layer of shingles for a fresh layer of materials. A flat roof replacement is the best approach in case you discover more roof problems that need urgent and solid solutions.

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