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    At McKinley, we deliver high-quality flat roofing for residential and commercial properties in Chicago. Working in the industry for many years has given us the advantage of knowing exactly what our clients need per their property. Our company caters to different kinds of clients including residents and entrepreneurs to make homes and business infrastructures in Chicago strong and sturdy with our lasting flat roof installation. Our flat roof contractors near me take pride in their workmanship and professionalism to deliver the best quality possible. Aside from installation, our roofing services include flat roof repair and flat roof replacement, so you can rely on us whether you have minor or major roof damage. You can reach us via phone call and our commercial roofers near me Chicago Gold Coast, IL will be with you as soon as possible. Our commercial roofing near me in Chicago Gold Coast, IL company offers free estimates so you can see if you can afford the repair or replacement before proceeding with the project.

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    Our Commercial Roofing Services

    Expert Flat Roofing Services by McKinley
    Leading Chicago Gold Coast Commercial Roofing Contractors Near Me

    As a leading flat roofing provider in the Chicago vicinity, our company boasts extensive expertise in delivering high-quality flat roofing options, suitable for both commercial and residential applications. With a wealth of experience gathered over the years, we excel in offering top-tier roofing services, encompassing everything from detailed inspections to complete replacements. Our offerings include expert installations and meticulous repairs, distinguishing us from other flat roofing companies near Chicago Gold Coast, IL, and nearby areas. Reach out for a distinct, proficient, and swift roofing solution!

    Flat Roof Repair

    We are committed to providing only the highest, fast, and effective flat roof repair near me service. All of our services are completed with the highest level of professionalism and are performed by the most skilled flat roof contractors in Chicago.

    Flat Roof Replacement

    When it’s time for a flat roof replacement near me service, our flat roof contractors are ready to optimize your home’s or commercial property’s flat roof to your complete and total satisfaction.

    Roof Installation

    For many years, we have fixed different flat roof damages. Our flat roofing contractors in Chicago are highly skilled, so you can have peace of mind that your roofing is in good hands.

    Flat Roof Leak

    Got a flat roof leak? Please leave it to our flat roof specialists in Chicago. We’ve got all you need for a professional flat roof leak repair to stop the damages quickly in your property.

    Roof Maintenance

    Our flat roof contractors in Chicago can assist you with flat roof maintenance for a much longer lifespan. It will save you money in the long run, as it will last longer and push a flat roof replacement further away!

    Residential Flat Roofs

    All of our flat roof contractors in Chicago are highly-trained, skilled, and professional in handling all sorts of roof repair and roof replacement for your residential property.

    Commercial Flat Roofs

    Our commercial roofing contractors near me Chicago Gold Coast, IL will provide you with an exact solution to flat roof leaks and other flat roof damages. With us, you can keep your business safe under a reliable flat roof!

    Temporary Roof Repair

    If the property owner experiences flat roof damage during the rainy season or needs to buy time until a permanent repair happens, our flat roof repair can help you with a temporary roof repair.

    Board Up Services

    Aside from flat roof services, we also offer board-up services in Chicago. We provide fast and reliable board-up to protect you from the weather, safety from broken glasses, and security from illegal entry.

    Our Advise

    McKinley's Decision-Making Guide
    Flat Roof Repair Near Chicago Gold Coast, IL or Time for a Replacement?

    With so many flat roofing companies in Chicago from which to choose, one thing is for sure, we are focused on giving solutions for residential and commercial flat roof services. For many years, we have been providing excellent flat roof repair, flat roof replacement, and flat roof installation. Our flat roof specialist can quickly assess your flat roof condition and give you exceptional advice and the perfect solution to your flat roof damage. We may not provide the lowest prices, but we are sure to give the best value, and the materials that we use will allow us to offer our customers a roof that can save them money for many years to come. If the time comes that you need commercial roofers near me, we are here for you, and we will give you a free, no-obligation consultation. You can expect a top-quality, effective, and efficient design of your flat roofing system, maximizing your roof’s value.

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    Our Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

    Dive Into Flat Roofing Solutions on Commercial Buildings


    To reduce processing times and the amount of paperwork for their flat roofing services, we introduce our new ENHANCIFY financing program to our residential and commercial clients. This program consists of an online form that you must fill out using only your merchant number and plan number to receive the necessary assistance in the shortest possible time. The most important thing is that you can fill it out from the comfort of your space and at any time of the day when you are free of commitments, apart from checking the status of your procedure.

    Common Flat Roof Damages

    What Can Happen To Your Flat Roof?

    Flat roofs have a lot of advantages for homes designed with such capability. They are cost-effective, easily accessible, and energy-efficient. Whether you have a commercial building or your home has a flat roof, you understand that once in a while, it requires more work or maintenance than other types of standard roofs. In exchange for this architectural style and additional benefits, you get a lot of concerns that wouldn’t be a problem with a traditional shingled roof. There are times when your flat roof suffers damages due to accidents or natural causes, and these require urgent flat roof repair for the safety of your property and everyone inside. Our flat roof specialist in Chicago put together a list of the most common problems in your flat roof.

    If one of these signs of commercial or residential roofing damage appears on your flat roof, contact our flat roofing company in Chicago immediately. We have professional flat roofing contractors who can examine your roof, give you excellent advice, and confirm whether you need a flat roof repair or flat roof replacement.

    Flat Roofing Maintenance

    How to Make Your Commercial Flat Roofing Last For Decades?

    Your flat roof is an integral part of your home, and sometimes it is overlooked in home maintenance routines. Regular exposure to heat, cold, rain, and snow slowly but surely contributes to its deterioration. To slow down the damage and make your roof last, it is vital to have regular maintenance and get some help from commercial roofing contractors near me Chicago Gold Coast, IL. Here are some of the essential things you can do to maximize the lifespan of your flat roof.

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    Flat Roofing - Repair or Replacement

    Emergency Commercial Roofing Chicago Gold Coast Services 24/7 - McKinley's Advise

    Your flat roof plays an essential role in protecting your property. However, damage to the flat roof is a common concern for all property owners as flat roof repair, and flat roof replacement can be costly and time-consuming. One way to reduce the risk of damage is to avoid the common causes of leaks and regular inspections from professional flat roof specialists. Our flat roof experts in Chicago can help you make significant decisions regarding your property.

    Emergency Services
    Flat Roof Repair
    Flat Roof Replacement

    Emergency Services

    Our company understands the urgency of performing an immediate flat roof repair at the sight of any damage, minor or major. This is why McKinley Flat Roof Specialists offers 24/7 emergency services, especially for your flat roof leak repair needs. You can contact us anytime and we will quickly have one of our flat roof specialists in Chicago visit your home or commercial property. You can rest assured you are in good hands with our flat roof contractors in Chicago trained well to be efficient while serving utmost care with every detail of your flat roof repair needs. They can also assess when the damage already requires a flat roof replacement. With time constraints, we can also provide a temporary fix for your leaking roof in Chicago.

    Flat Roof Repair

    As with roofing, flat roofs have their own set of problems that require repair. Our flat roof contractors in Chicago can help handle any kind of flat roof repair for residential or commercial properties. Whether you experience flashing, roof cracks, water pooling, alligatoring, or membrane buckling, we have the right experience, and we are confident that we can repair your flat roof damage. Giving required attention can save you a lot rather than having to replace the entire roof.

    Flat Roof Replacement

    When your flat roof in Chicago has reached its life expectancy, and repairs are no longer an option, it is time to replace your existing roof. With our years of experience in the flat roofing industry, we can help you with a flat roof replacement. Our flat roof specialists in Chicago are dedicated and proficient in replacing the roofs of your property with composition or asphalt shingle roofing products. Flat roof replacement will allow all the hidden problems to be addressed rather than merely covering up.

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