Flat roofing is a job for experts. Whether for commercial or residential use, you can trust McKinley Flat Roof Specialists to look into your roof with attention to detail to deliver precise work at all times. For your convenience, we excel at flat roof repair and replacement in Elk Grove Village and nearby areas.

We at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists go above and beyond to serve our clients. We are flat roof specialists that offer flat roof replacement, as well as flat roof maintenance in Elk Grove Village. Contact us with your flat roof needs, and we will take care of the job so you won’t have to. On top of commercial flat roof maintenance services, our priority is to provide assistance with insurance claims should your roof undergo great damage, affecting your home or business operations.

Our team of flat roof experts in Elk Grove Village aims to deliver the best flat roof replacement or repair your home or business needs following a calamity or accident by assisting in your insurance claims adjuster.

We also offer simple flat roof installation and flat roof leak repair for a quick home fix. Overall, our goal is to meet your standards while working with efficiency and expertise. This is what makes us a leading flat roofing company in the industry. For any flat roofing need in Elk Grove Village and nearby suburbs, you now know to call McKinley Flat Roof Specialists.


We at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists understand what it takes to work with both commercial and residential roofs. Each roof is unique and requires special attention, thus our flat roofing contractors in Elk Grove Village make it a point to assess each roof carefully whether you need a quick installation or detailed repair. A careful review helps us advise what you actually need, and then provide them for you.

Looking into roofs is not an easy feat. It needs precision and clarity, and our team of flat roof experts is here to help. We provide all the details so you can make an informed decision without any unnecessary fees.

Our team of flat roofing contractors works with quality and precision to provide the best professional solutions. For all your flat roof needs, McKinley Flat Roof Specialists is at your service.

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Fixing a Flat Roof

Our flat roofing contractors in Elk Grove Village will take care of your flat roof repair needs with extensive experience in the industry.

Temporary Roof Repair

McKinley Flat Roof Specialists can easily perform a temporary flat roof repair in Elk Grove Village so that it lasts until it can be properly addressed.

Flat Roof Leak

Don’t let a leak ruin your flat roof! Leave it to our flat roof specialists in Elk Grove Village to work and stop the damage quickly.

Flat Roof Maintenance

McKinley Flat Roof Specialists can take care of roof repairs and go beyond with flat roof maintenance. We offer a comprehensive look to extend the life on your roof.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Take care of your business while we take care of your flat roof. McKinley Flat Roof Specialists looks carefully into the state of your roof so we can provide the repair you need immediately.

Residential Flat Roof Contractors

McKinley Flat Roof Specialists has a full team of residential flat roof contractors in Elk Grove Village to help you out with any flat roof repairs and flat roof replacement on your home.

Flat Roof Replacement

When it’s time for a new roof, you know to contact McKinley Flat Roof Specialists in Elk Grove Village for residential or commercial flat roof replacement.

Board Up

Beyond repairs and maintenance, we at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists also offer board-up services in Elk Grove Village to secure your home or business structure for sustainable use.

Flat Roof Repair

For any roof repair needs, contact McKinley Flat Roof Specialists for effective and sustainable solutions.

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When you have a flat roof leak in your home, you need a fast flat roof repair service in Elk Grove Village. McKinley Flat Roof Specialist is not only experienced with all kinds of commercial and residential flat roof services, but we are also available at your beck and call. Our flat roof specialists are there for you 24 hours a day.

Our team of flat roofing contractors can provide different services such as flat roof replacement, flat roof maintenance, and flat roof installation. When you have leaks on your roof, you can rest assured that your roof will be taken care of right away. Our specialists can provide a detailed inspection of the entire roof without a persisting problem. We are the ones that you can count on when your roof needs fixing.

Our flat roof contractors in Elk Grove Village will react instantly to make sure that your leaking roof is sealed and ready to face any weather conditions in the future.

Don’t let water penetration on your flat roof because it can suffer further damages in the future. McKinley Flat Roof Specialists in Elk Grove Village are ready for you any time of the day or night. We provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price. Rest assured that we can secure your home from any weather conditions it may take!


A flat roof requires more maintenance than a standard roof type, which is why we at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists, understand what it takes to keep your flat roof, commercial or residential, in tiptop shape. When your flat roof suffers damage from a natural calamity or accident, it may require immediate attention to a flat roof repair. However, it may be difficult to assess if you need a flat roof repair or a flat roof replacement, which is why we are here to help. We at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists compiled a list of the top 6 common problems when it comes to flat roofs and the corresponding solutions to each one, based on the attention it needs:

Leaks and Moisture

Leaking and moisture could be the biggest culprit for your flat roof damage. But you can deal with those without any problem when you have flat roof specialists in Elk Grove Village doing your flat roof leak repair. A flat roof can also develop leaks but because of its flat surface, the water can only go down. This potentially causes mold and fungus on your roof from all the moisture. The best way to deal with this is by having a regular roof inspection. Flat roof maintenance is also a must so you can sustain a good roof condition.


Changing weather and temperature affect roofing materials particularly by expanding and contracting asphalt. This causes the flashing to pull away from the edges and corners of your roof, which then causes leaks and moistures and traps them inside your roof. The solution? Schedule regular inspection and flat roof maintenance in Elk Grove Village, so you can maintain your roof in good condition as much as possible. If the leak gets worse or the flashing does more harm, then maybe it’s time to look into flat roof replacement.

Pooling Water

When it rains or snows, there is nowhere for the water to go but just on the flat surface of the roof. A flat roof is meant to sustain its level surface even over time, which may cause water to create a pool on top of it. While most roofs can handle a little water, it is advised by flat roof experts in Elk Grove Village to drain these pools as soon as possible, so you can ensure that the water has not seeped into the lower layers of the roof yet. If the pooling stays, this usually results in deterioration of the roof’s exterior, which can potentially shorten the life of your flat roof. To fix this, look into flat roof maintenance in Elk Grove Village, so you won’t need costly flat roof replacement if ever.

Buckle in the Membrane

Like shingle roofing, asphalt roofing is made up of membrane soaked in asphalt to be installed across the top of the building to secure the roof. But unlike shingle roofing, a flat roof is made of one big chunk of membrane piece. This means your flat roof moves with the infrastructure as if shifts over time. However, with too much movement, this can create buckles in the asphalt membrane, which usually means it’s time for a flat roof replacement. You would want to secure this as soon as possible since a buckling flat roof can do more damage later on. We recommend looking into flat roof replacement in Elk Grove Village or nearby areas for immediate attention.

Cracks in the Roof

A flat roof requires more maintenance, including issues with cracks. It tends to get more pressure on the surface compared with a sloped roof primarily because of the shape. Since this pressure can build up over time, this can cause your roof to get cracks. An easy solution for this is calling up flat roof specialists in Elk Grove Village and having them look over your roof for a potential flat roof repair. Having solved this immediately, then you can prevent flat roof leaks from completely ruining your roof, also protecting the interiors of the structure as well.


What really indicates a strong need for a flat roof replacement is a phenomenon called alligatoring. This happens when the asphalt used for your flat roof loses its elasticity due to aging, causing cracks and bubbles. This looks like alligator skin, hence the name. Unfortunately, this usually means the asphalt has deteriorated beyond repair, which calls for a complete replacement. For matters like this, you can contact your nearby flat roof specialist in Elk Grove Village.

For questions or concerns regarding your flat roof, contact McKinley Flat Roof Specialist in Elk Grove Village. We will look into your problem immediately, so we can provide the best solution after inspection. From flat roof installation to flat roof maintenance in Elk Grove Village, our expert flat roofing contractors have got you covered.


Check Our New Financing Program ENHANCIFY!

If you are looking for a way to simplify the procedures to request the assistance of flat roof specialists in the shortest possible time, worry no more, as McKinley Flat Roof Specialists has launched ENHANCIFY Financing Program to make it a reality. This online program will take care of expediting your request at any time of the day just by entering your merchant and plan number. Apart from that, you can check the status of it. With ENHANCIFY, you can rest easy and focus on other, more important priorities.

Repair or Replace
Flat Roof Repair & Replacement Specialist Elk Grove Village

While every homeowner hopes that their flat roof will last for decades, external factors can damage your flat roof. Each flat roof is different, and your unique situation will determine if you need a flat roof repair or flat roof replacement. It is essential to consider your option, the cost, and how old your roof is able for you to make a decision that is best for your home.


Roof Repair
Our flat roof repair in Elk Grove Village is a reliable and trusted flat roofing contractor that provides excellent and affordable flat roof repair. A flat roof is vulnerable to damage from storms, animals, and debris that can cause flat roof leaks. Removing damaged shingles, replacing shingles, and damages that are confined to one side of the roof and doing small repairs are more accessible and more inexpensive than replacing your entire roof.

Roof Replacement
If your flat roof is in a state of disrepair and has deteriorated over time, it is best to consider doing a flat roof replacement. Our flat roof replacement in Elk Grove Village can help you with your flat roof problems. An old roof makes your building or home unsafe. Depending on how bad your roof condition is, it could collapse and injure someone. Also, flat roof replacement is a good investment that can raise the value of your home.

How To Make Your Commercial, Flat Roof Last For Decades?

McKinley Flat Roof Repair & Replacement Specialists in Elk Grove Village Advise. When you hire the services of McKinley Flat Roof Specialists, you are placing your trust in the most experienced flat roofers in the city of Elk Grove Village. We assure you that your roof will receive the best treatment so that it can continue to be useful for many years to come, through a service based on professionalism, punctuality, responsibility and efficiency. If you want to know more about our roofing projects or request them, we invite you to contact us through the official phones or official website. We guarantee that you will not regret your decision.

Keep An Active Maintenance Routine

What is the best way to keep the flat roof of your home or business in good condition? The answer: active maintenance routine. By having a routine, you will ensure the good condition of your roof, as well as its ability to protect the infrastructure against the elements of nature. It is recommended that you schedule the routine in the low season to avoid long waiting times.

Invest In Preventative Measures

How can you keep your roof always in top condition to the point of extending its useful life? Simple, carry out preventive tasks in their respective time. In this way, you will prevent your roof from deteriorating early and save yourself a lot of trouble with regard to damage and costly replacements. When it comes to preventative maintenance, our flat roofers stand out from the competition.

Catch Problems Early

How can you detect problems with your roof early? You can do this by checking your ceilings from the inside or using binoculars outside, thereby saving yourself the need to climb onto the roof. However, if you still have doubts regarding the condition of your roof, you can hire the professionals at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists for a more complete inspection and, if necessary, the respective repairs to correct the problems detected.

Hire An Experienced Professional

How can you protect the investment that you have deposited in your roof? Easy by hiring an experienced roofing company to do the job for you. In this case, you can request the services of McKinley Flat Roof Specialists, as we have many years of industry experience and a reputation for excellent service, efficiency and accountability precedes us. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us through the official communication channels!

Our flat roof repair company in Elk Grove Village understands that your roof is the primary protection of your home or commercial properties against different weather conditions. That’s why it comes to your flat roof repairs, flat roof replacements, and flat roof maintenance, and we are the ones that you can count on. Our flat roofing contractors in Elk Grove Village offer comprehensive services for both residential and commercial properties. We are the number one professionals that will ensure that your roof will forever protect your home. When you know that your roof is at the end of its life, we are the ones that you can rely on. Call McKinley Flat Roof Specialist in Elk Grove Village for an assessment of your residential or commercial flat roofs.