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We at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists understand the attention and precision flat roofs require. We cater to any commercial or residential roofing that needs our expertise when it comes to flat roof replacements and flat roof repairs in Crystal Lake.

We render to flat roof maintenance and also look into roof damages to provide the best long-term solution for your flat roof. We hire only the best flat roof contractors in Crystal Lake to ensure quality and sustainable roofing. We can also assist you with your insurance claims with your repair needs should this affect your home or business.

You can trust our flat roof experts in Crystal Lake to work with your insurance claims adjuster to make everything swift for you. This will give you the best flat roof replacement or repair you need, following an accident or a natural calamity.

For simple flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake, you can rely on our flat roof specialists to assist you with your flat roof needs for your home or business. Whether you need an urgent flat roof leak repair or a simple flat roof installation in Crystal Lake, you can contact us at McKinley Flat Roof Specialist anytime.



We at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists focus on providing the best roofing solutions for your flat roof whether for commercial or residential use. Our flat roof experts in Crystal Lake carefully assess the damage to provide the best solution, whether for a repair or replacement. We understand that getting a flat roof repair or replacement poses a lot of concerns, thus we value transparency with clients. We will sit down with you to explain the process in detail. This will let you explore your options and help you make the right decision. We also offer a free estimate to help you get started. We at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists work hard to provide swift solutions for your roofing needs. Whether you need a flat roof installation or a flat roof leak repair, you can trust our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake to do the job.


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McKinley Flat Roof Specialists in Chicago



As a premier company of flat roof specialists in Chicago, McKinley is proud to offer a range of roofing services to both commercial and residential property owners. We boast many years of invaluable experience, allowing us to do flat roof work that is second to none, making us trust flat roof specialists in Chicago. Our roofing services are available across Chicago, providing expert advice and trusted work. As flat roof specialists in Chicago, we can offer inspections, repairs, installations or replacements for any type of flat roof, all done professional and efficiently.

Fixing a Flat Roof

Our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake take pride in years of experience in the field. You can rest assured we can take care of your roof at all costs.

Temporary Roof Repair

If you lack time for a permanent roofing solution, our flat roofing contractors can provide temporary roof repair for you. This will allow you to address your roof problems in the meantime.

Flat Roof Leak

For signs of leaking, get in touch with our flat roofing specialists in Crystal Lake. They will take care of your flat roof repairs for your peace of mind.

Flat Roof Maintenance

For your maintenance needs, you can trust our flat roof contractors from McKinley Flat Roof Specialists to do swift and professional services to extend the life of your roof.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

As a flat roofing company in Crystal Lake, our mission is to provide a sturdy and long-lasting roofing system for everyone, including commercial flat roofs for all business owners.

Residential Flat Roof Contractors

Our flat roofing company in Crystal Lake takes pride in handling any kind of repairs and other services related to flat roofs for your satisfaction.

Flat Roof Replacement

If you need a flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake, then you can trust McKinley Flat Roof Specialists can do the job for you, whether for your residential or commercial roof.

Board Up

Our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake offer board-up services to keep your roof secure and sturdy despite long periods of use or extreme weather.

Flat Roof Repair

For simple flat roof repair in Crystal Lake, our flat roof specialists work professionally and swiftly to deliver what you need in the fastest time possible.


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A leaky flat roof requires urgent attention. At McKinley Flat Roof Specialists, you can trust our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake to give you the high-quality flat roof leak repair you deserve. We cater to different kinds of roof structures including commercial and residential flat roofs. Whatever kind of service you need, you can reach our expert flat roofing contractors in Crystal Lake anytime.

Our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake respond to calls swiftly. You can expect your roof concerns to be dealt with under the fastest time possible, notwithstanding excellence and quality. We even provide temporary roof repair for your peace of mind. For precise work, we perform a thorough inspection of your flat roof to determine the best solution you need. We address issues like water penetration with our strong preventive measures. We seal every inch of your flat roof to make sure no drop of water seeps through. Fixing a flat roof in Crystal Lake is an easy feat for our flat roof specialists, given their years of experience in the industry.

Whether you need a fancy flat roof replacement or a simple flat roof repair, you have McKinley Flat Roof Specialists to provide quality solutions for sustainable use. This is what makes McKinley Flat Roof Specialists known and preferred among the flat roofing companies in Crystal Lake.


Flat roofs require more maintenance than standard roofing types. Regardless if you have a commercial building or a residential home, flat roofs require more care and attention. At times when your flat roof gets damaged from either safety or natural causes, you can do a temporary roof repair, but it is imperative to have a flat roof repair as soon as possible for the safety of everyone. The difficult part is figuring out whether you need a flat roof replacement or a simple flat roof repair in Crystal Lake. So we at McKinley Flat Roof Specialists listed the top 6 common problems you can encounter with flat roofs, and the best ways to address them one by one.

Leaks and Moisture

One major issue you would encounter with flat roofs is leaking, and the moisture as the aftermath. You can address this by preventing more leaks before the situation gets worse. Similar to standard roof types, flat roofs may also suffer from leaks. The difference is that the water has nowhere else to flow to but straight down, mainly because of the shape of the flat roof. This can result in moisture inside the roof, building fungus and mold over time. To prevent leaks and moisture build-up, it is best to have your flat roof inspected regularly by flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake. Perhaps it is also time for a flat roof leak repair.


Roof materials, in general, tend to expand and contract depending on the weather and temperature in the area. The same happens with an asphalt flat roof. At the expense of the roof flashing being pulled away from the edges and corners of the roof, this could lead to leaking and moisture build-up. The best approach would be to book for regular inspection and maintenance from expert flat roofing contractors in Crystal Lake. When the leaking becomes worse or the flashing deteriorates, then it might be time for a flat roof replacement.

Pooling Water

At the sight of rain or snow, a flat roof forces water to go straight down since it has nowhere else to go. This can settle in the dips of your flat roof, depending on the shape this takes since roof structure changes over time. Most roof materials can handle water, but it is still urgent to call the flat roofing companies in Crystal Lake to drain these pools of water as soon as possible. Doing so will prevent the water from seeping into the deeper layers of your flat roof, which can, later on, cause more damage if not addressed immediately. If you let the pool get seeped into your roof, this can cause the exterior to completely deteriorate. This shortens the lifespan of your flat roof. Make sure to get the best flat roofing contractors in Crystal Lake to address this roof problem.

Buckle in the Membrane

Asphalt roofing has the same components as shingle roofing. Both possess membrane which undergoes being soaked in asphalt, and later on, secured to the roof by installing it across the top of the building. However, the flat roof has a much bigger membrane piece compared with shingle roofing. Over time, the roof structure may shift according to the changing weather and temperatures. On the other hand, asphalt membrane may develop buckles from too much movement. This signals the need for an urgent flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake.

Cracks in the Roof

A flat roof tends to suffer from more pressure compared with a sloped roof due to the structure. Over time, this pressure becomes too much for any flat roof, causing cracks along the way. This also usually means the structure of the roof is already compromised. When this becomes worse, then it might be time for a flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake. At the sight of a crack, it is best to address this immediately and call professional flat roof contractors in Crystal Lake. Otherwise, this can lead to water penetration into your home or business.


Alligatoring on a flat roof occurs when elasticity is reduced over time, resulting in cracks or bubbles. This mimics the appearance of the skin of an alligator, which gave “alligatoring” its name. This often signals deteriorated asphalt beyond repair. For matters like this, the smartest move is to scout for flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake to have this problem addressed as soon as possible. Fixing a flat roof in Crystal Lake is easy if you know how to look for the best team of flat roof contractors for the job.

Whether you need a flat roof replacement or flat roof repair in Crystal Lake, you know to call McKinley Flat Roof Specialist, the leading among flat roofing companies in Crystal Lake. We know to give you our best expert opinion following a careful inspection of your flat roof. You can trust our professional flat roofing contractors to get the job done as swiftly as possible.


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Repair or Replace
Flat Roof Repair & Replacement Specialist Crystal Lake

Providing the best solution for any flat roof damage is a big decision. You want to make sure you know exactly what you need, whether a flat roof repair or a flat roof replacement. The smartest move would be to approach expert flat roof contractors in Crystal Lake who can properly inspect your flat roof, and provide the fix you need. Before you proceed, here is what you need to know about flat roof repairs and replacements.


Roof Repair
Once we have verified the need for a flat roof repair, we will discuss the repair process with you for your knowledge. This would include the steps to do, and the expenses necessary to cover the repair needs. This could involve shingles removal. For more extreme measures such as roof replacement, we may do a partial re-roofing. This is easier to execute, and also costs less. This is more practical than replacing the entire roof.

Roof Replacement
For a flat roof replacement, our flat roof specialists can help you every step of the way. A roof replacement is mostly applicable for old homes where a simple repair is no longer an option. This often means removing more than one layer of shingles for a fresh layer of materials. A flat roof replacement is the best approach in case you discover more roof problems that need urgent and solid solutions.

How To Make Your Roof Last For Decades - McKinley Flat Roof Repair & Replacement Specialist Chicago

Your flat roof is an integral part of your home, and sometimes it is overlooked in home maintenance routines. Regular exposure to heat, cold, rain, and snow slowly but surely contribute to its deterioration. To slow down the damage and make your roof last, it is vital to have regular maintenance and get some help from our professional flat roof specialist in Chicago. Here are some of the essential things you can do to maximize the lifespan of your flat roof.

Keep An Active Maintenance Routine

Having a regular cleaning and maintenance twice a year will go a long way in keeping your flat roof working at its best. It is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance at the beginning of fall and spring to sweep off any debris like leaves, sticks, and rogue frisbees and prepare for the following weather. Don’t forget to clean out gutters so water can drain off and prevent your shingles and flashing to rot.

Invest In Preventative Measures

Investing in preventative measures and maintenance is a must to prolong the need for flat roof replacement. You can start by trimming the overhanging tree limbs in your roof or keeping your attic adequately insulated to prevent the build-up of moistures. Our flat roof contractors in Chicago offer professional flat roof maintenance to help your roof stay in its shape. Investing a little bit of money doing preventative care will go a long way toward keeping you from replacing the entire flat roof.

Catch Problems Early

Make an effort to regularly look at your roof and keep an eye out for debris build-up, detached gutters, mold, missing shingles, leaks, and sagging. This will help you catch onto problems early and leave you doing small flat roof repair rather than extensive renovations. If there’s a need for a more thorough inspection or you’re not sure about your flat roof condition, you can rely on our professional flat roof contractors in Chicago.

Hire An Experienced Professional

Your roof is a significant investment and one of the few areas where you should hire a professional. Aside from a safety risk, our professional flat roofing contractors in Chicago are well-trained in locating and dealing with flat roofing problems. Even if you have the habit of inspecting your flat roof, we will be able to catch potential issues much earlier and ensure your flat roof lasts as long as possible.



For many years, metal roofing has been a commercial roofing preference in Crystal Lake. Although generally commercial metal roofs are made of galvanized steel, sometimes materials such as tin or aluminum are used. Metal roofing is a reasonably lightweight material, making it an ideal option for flat roof replacement on top of an existing roof. Once the commercial roof has been installed, it is possible for flat roof specialists to apply a waterproof coating along with UV and rust protection.

One of the reasons that commercial metal roofing is such a popular choice in Crystal Lake if the availability of varied materials. Stainless steel, copper, corrugated galvanized steel, zinc aggregates, aluminum silicon-coated steel, metallic tile sheets, and various other options are available. Nevertheless, as a commercial roof in Crystal Lake is likely to rust, the protective surface layers added to it may prevent issues brought on by exposure to severe environmental elements including harmful sunlight. Additionally, commercial metal roofing is an attractive addition to any building. It is important to contemplate function over aesthetics when taking into consideration both sturdiness over time and affordability. As far as functionality, metal roofing scores high among fire resistance ratings on top of strength and endurance in comparison with other commercial roofing options. As a bonus, a commercial metal roof contributes to sustainability in a building design.


Historically, commercial asphalt roofing has been quite a common option based on its functionality as well as its durability. Often, asphalt roofing is used in Crystal Lake for flat roof replacement as well as low-slope structures. Asphalt roofing is made up of multiple layers that include a weather-proof layer, a minimum of one reinforcement layer, as well as a protective surface coat. Utilizing commercial asphalt roofing on a low-slope building is similar to using asphalt shingles on steep-slope buildings. Both types consist of layers meant to provide weather resistance while simultaneously strengthening the roof.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR), refers to layers that may include but are not limited to insulation, vapor retardant, a waterproofing membrane consisting of various components and asphalt, and surfacing material. Flat roofers in Crystal Lake construct said materials directly on site. Modified Bitumen Systems (MBS) is a modified polymer designed to make a roof stronger. This particular flat roofing system in Crystal Lake is made up of high-grade materials assembled in a factory and meant to be installed either in a single layer or in multiple layers like the BUR system. Typically, MBS includes factory-applied surfacing. Additional commercial asphalt roofing options include the integration of a variety of materials such as fiberglass, minerals, several grades of bitumen, asphalt and gravel surfacing, copper, and aluminum. Our flat roofing contractors in Crystal Lake can assist you in choosing the roofing materials that best suit your project, taking your needs, your budget, and the climate into consideration.

One of the most important parts of your home is your roof. It is the primary protection against water and other weather conditions for your home or commercial building. When it comes to your flat roof needs, our flat roof specialists in Crystal Lake have got your back. McKinley Flat Roof Specialist is one of the best flat roof companies in the area. We make sure to handle your roof with the highest quality at an affordable price. We provide services such as flat roof replacement and flat roof repair, and our flat roof contractors can handle any type of roof, big or small. We always aim to provide an unbeatable service to our customers to provide outstanding results! Contact us today!

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