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Replacing your flat roofing material requires a lot of planning. When deciding on the installation of your new roof you need to consider factors such as your financial situation, and availability. Another factor that most people do not think of right away is the timing of when the installation will commence. This will depend on..

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There are many possible catastrophes that can result due to roof damage as most property owners know. The difficult part is knowing how to spot the signs of a leaking roof that needs to be repaired or replaced and may be a flat roof repair service. To assist you in deciding the best right course..

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During a flat roof installation project, the roof is normally classified as a cold or warm roof. There is a distinct difference between these two types of constructions and each has its own use and place. Let’s take a look at these two types of roof construction methods and how they differ. In flat roof..

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Have you ever wondered if you can put extra weight on your flat roof? Maybe you want to place additional HVAC equipment on it, or even just walk on your roof. Perhaps you are considering an urban garden or want to create a vegetable garden on your roof. It is very important to know exactly..

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