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Have you ever wondered if you can put extra weight on your flat roof? Maybe you want to place additional HVAC equipment on it, or even just walk on your roof. Perhaps you are considering an urban garden or want to create a vegetable garden on your roof. It is very important to know exactly..

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It is important to be aware of the 2022 top-rated modern roof designs and more so if you are constructing your ideal home, redoing your current house, or busy with fixer-uppers for selling. These trending modern designs will help you design a building exterior that is eye-catching and spot-on to reflect the perfection you are..

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Even if you ensure recurring care and maintenance of your commercial roof, leaks may still develop as the structure deteriorates in Chicago’s harsh weather conditions. To aid in prevention of these leaks, it is helpful to understand the common issues contributing towards the problem so that you can properly fix the leaks and prevent further..

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If you have a flat roof on your commercial or residential structure, keeping it in top condition should be a priority of any property owner. While keeping the roof in good condition is key, you should be aware of some common mistakes that should always be avoided. Even someone with roofing experience can make mistakes..

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